Startups looking for Engineering Co-Founders

Clubfinder is looking for IT/ Engineering Co-Founder
Clubfinder is an app which rates the Clubs near your area under specialized criteria. Loyality, emotional stability and fast decisions are important for this startup. Also the potential co-founder should have sympathy and have the same vision as the founder. 
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Consoon is looking for Engineering Co-Founder
Consoon enables people find experts to exchange know-how via audio call. Imagine a mix of Udemy and Clubhouse. The potential co-founder should share the following values: motivation, innovation, ambition, fair play. 
Get in touch with Luise Räuchle: is looking for IT/ Engineering Co-Founder deals with rooftop-pv as a service for commercial clients. Ownership, conscientiousness and transparency are important values for them.
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Elephant School - the School of Love & Relationship is looking for Engineering/ Marketing&PR Co-Founder
The Elephant School is a deep tech startup enabling everybody to have fulfilling love relationships. These values are important for this startup: New work, research attitude to everything, feel good and safe to be creative as well as personal fit (can we have fun together, can we be successful together, can we build trust), ambition, talent and experiences. 
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EndX is looking for IT/ Engineering Co-Founder
The business idea of EndX is to develop a software in form of application on phones using emotional AI that can help detect instantly incidents of sexual assault (gender based violence) and alert based on the consent of the user, either the authorities, family, friends or strangers in the area who are willing to help. The detection of the incidents will be through capturing what goes wrong during the time of the incident such as: tone of voice, keywords, screams, unusual bodily activity and more! This will be based on accessing an open source data, interviews with victims, doctors/ experts & scholars in the field and even information from imprisoned rapists. The sustainability of this project is huge as it can be extend further to other incidents such as abduction, sex trafficking, heists and many other crimes.
Important values for EndX are transparency, passion for saving lives, loyalty and integrity. The co-founder should have the drive and passion to change the world to a better place.
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FairKado is looking for Engineering Co-Founder
FairKado builds the easiest way to find second hand. 
Get in touch with Ali Nezamolmaleki: 

GigaAI is looking for IT/ Marketing&PR/ Design/ Finance&Biz/ Engineering Co-Founder
Learning as attractive as Netflix! Germany is a nation of geniuses. GigaAi develops a learning platform - the vocational training of the Industry 4.0. They are looking for co-founders and team members who are interested in the topic of vocational training, in development of the learning platform, VR/AR and AI and can support them in entering the market. They need a Project Coordinator, Education Enthusiast,  IT Engineer, Computer Scientist, System Engineer (Software Architecture), Learning & Development Specialist, Project Manager, UX/UI Developer. 
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hers is looking for Engineering Co-Founder
Hers bring back the confidence and life quality for women with pelvic floor dysfunctions. Their smart connected medical device offers individualized treatment for every woman and her unique pelvic floor. These values are important to this startup: independence, team player, self learning, honesty and motivation. They are looking for a CTO.
Get in touch with Kira Yair:

hunGer ist looking for Engineering/ IT Co-Founder
hunGer is a digital food certification system based on blockchain technology. 
Get in touch with Mehul Khoont:

Kiez Dogs is looking for IT/ Marketing&PR/ Design/ Finance&Biz/ Engineering Co-Founder
Kiez Dogs is a start up, which wants to offer a platform to all people with love for dogs, to be able to network from the local area (Kiez). With the help of an interactive map, dogs in the vicinity are categorized (traffic light principle), so dog owners are well informed before their walk routes and can better adapt to situations. It is easier for dog owners to find a stress-free route with a not so compatible dog or a scared dog. On the other hand, owners of sociable dogs can arrange meetings with a built-in chat function. In addition, the platform should combine several functions that currently require individual apps, so that users do not have to switch back and forth between apps. The co-founder should have technical understanding.
Get in touch with Verena Martensen/ Markus Gerlach: 

nKoto is looking for IT/ Engineering Co-Founder
nKoto is a community for go-getters/ remote workers to help them connect, share ideas and expand their circle. I am looking to add a travel option. The potential co-founder should have the following values: goal to support others and seeing people connect, work hard but also take time to enjoy life. He or she should  has in depth knowledge in tech to create a platform and to get things done. 
Get in touch with Tabita Tangherlini:

PensionPlan is looking for Finance&Biz/ Engineering Co-Founder
PensionPlan offers low-cost personal pension plans for all EU residents. Current pension funds are expensive, not digital, and not available across all European countries. PensionPlan offers a simple, modern and cost-effective product to save for retirement. Available regardless of whether you are employed, unemployed, self-employed or studying. They offer low costs, transparent fees, online enrollment and the possibility to continue saving in the same product when you change country of residence. Their product is particularly attractive to mobile and self-employed individuals who are not participating in state-based or occupational pension plans. Grit, focus and fun are important values for this startup. The potential co-founder should learn fast and should have the ambition to build a major fintech company. 
Get in touch with Tom Louwagie: 

Perosol is looking for Engineering Co-Founder
Perosol (GmbH) will produce thin-film perovskite solar cells. 
The potential co-founder should have the following skills: Marketing, Organization, public speaking, negotiation, legal research, accounting, customer service, art/ design, foreign languages, writing, communication, collaboration, interpersonal skills, teamwork and creativity.
Get in touch with Claudiu Mortan:

Powerly AI is looking for IT/ Engineering Co-Founder
Powerly AI is an AI chatbot that uses NLP and speech recognition to deploy AI across talent life cycle such as hiring, engagement, retention and learning. The potential co-founder should have trust, belief and passion. Also he or she should be flexible and open, technicaly savvy, friendly, passionate about speech recognition and AI and ML. 
Get in touch with Sidhartha Mohanty: 

Soulmate is looking for IT/ Engineering/ Other Co-Founder
Soulmate is a technology enhanced mental health care for your workforce. The potential co-founder should take over a position as head of psychology. Loyalty, honesty, fun at work and passion are important values for this startup. 
Get in touch with Jann Speyer:

Startup is looking for Engineering Co-Founder
This startup deals with Direct Air Capture/ Carbon Capture Venture to pull CO2 out of the air and store it underground.
Important values are experience in chemical/ process engineering or chemistry/ material science. 
Get in touch with Rytis Jakubauskas:

Startup is looking for Finance& Biz/ Engineering/ Design Co-Founder
The vision of this project is to build a community for retail investors to chat, discuss and find likeminded people. Next the startup want to utilize this shared wisdom of the user base to built the tools which ensure longterm successes as an investor. The potential co-founde should take over a position in design or engineering. 
Get in touch with Marius Wilsch: 

Startup is looking for a Finance&Biz/ IT/Marketing&PR/ Engineering Co-Founder
Get in touch with Nandeesh Basavaraju: 

Teamwise is looking for IT/ Engineering Co-Founder
Teamwise is building a virtual team assistant that leverages ML to suggest the right activities to create great cultures in distributed teams. 
They are looking for a mission driven and results-oriented technical founder to join their startup. You should have hands on experience in a CTO-like or lead developer position in a fast paced startup and you should be a team player. 
After all, their mission is to create team cultures.
Get in touch with Sebastian Gluschak:

The Red Team is looking for IT/ Marketing&PR/ Design/ Finance&Biz/ Engineering Co-Founder
The Red Team is developing a nutrition tracking app. 
The potential co-founder should also take over the business development. 
Get in touch with Sarah Böttger:

TRUE technologies is looking for IT/ Design/ Finance&Biz/ Engineering Co-Founder
TRUE technologies is an innovative startup in the field of sports technology. They enable data-based performance tracking and analysis for sports with initial focus on action sports (surfing, skiing, mountain biking, …). Thy do this bis using state of the art state estimation approaches pioneered in autonomous mobility and aerospace. Commitment, motivation for the topic and dependability are important values for them. The potential co-founder should have relevant skills for their topic.
Get in touch with Ingo Boegemann:

Well is looking for IT/ Engineering/ sustainable advocate Co-Founder
The team at Well is committed to stopping microplastic pollution worldwide. They are currently building a platform that helps more businesses turn sustainability into competitive advantage. They are looking for a motivated sustainable advocate to help them with the development of the platform. The co-founder should have the drive and passion to change the world to a better place and be willing to learn new skills.
Get in touch with Kostja Klabjan: 


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