Startups looking for Finance & Biz Co-Founders

Anixet is looking for Marketing&PR/ Finance&Biz Co-Founder
Anixet is an autonomous mobile robotic system for inspection using AI navigation. 
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Buddy is looking for Finance&Biz/ Other Co-Founder

They have developed a smartphone app within the scope of a scientific project at Charite aiming at helping people who are depressed to benefit from physical activity. They are in talks with  health insurers and are planning on moving forward with their product and applying for grants to spin off to support in futer people with depression with their medical app. Buddy is interested in someone with a business background who is passionate about digital mental health. A plus would be a knowledge in the regulation of medical products. The potential co-founder will join a dynamic, passionate and committed team, and work on a user-centered product, shaping and creating its future with the target to support people. 
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Clean Ocean Coatings is looking for Finance&Biz/ Other Co-Founder
The commercial shipping industry struggles with algae & barnacle growth. This leads to 40% higher fuel consumption and an estimated damage of 150 billion $ annually. Therefore more than 80.000 tons of antifoulings are applied every year leaching toxins, heavy metals and microplastic into the ocean. And none of these coatings can fully prevent fouling. For shipping companies who need an antifouling solution their product Ecoating is a toxin-free coating which is chemically and mechanically stable. Our magic is a uniquely smooth surface which is easy to clean. And it is at least 2 years more durable than conventional coatings. They want to revolutionise the commercial shipping industry. They believe that the antifouling management of tomorrow is a closed loop service of protection of the ship, automated easy cleaning and recycling of the biomass. The potential co-founder should also take over a position in sales (B2B). Sustainability, new work, diversity, equity and reliability are important values for them. 
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DeutschConnect is looking for IT/ Finance&Biz/ Design Co-Founder
DeutschConnect is a Consultancy that links SubSaharan African businesses and people with the German business ecosystem and vice versa through: Mentorship, B2B, matchmaking and access to market and partnerships.  We have a working prototype and active within our target  market.  Looking for a German co-founder with experience in the German business ecosystem and import/export. Passion, honesty , intergrity and loyalty are important for this startup. The potential co-founder should be someone who is looking for sustainable and equitable partnerships and collaborations between Africa-Germany and willing to learn new cultures. 
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Doings is looking for Marketing&PR/ Finance&Biz Co-Founder
Doings is a process-oriented, AI-supported information platform on the web. The potential co-founder should be loyal and determined. The ability to self-reflect and a good discussion culture are also important. 
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GigaAI is looking for IT/ Marketing&PR/ Design/ Finance&Biz/ Engineering Co-Founder
Learning as attractive as Netflix! Germany is a nation of geniuses. GigaAi develops a learning platform - the vocational training of the Industry 4.0. They are looking for co-founders and team members who are interested in the topic of vocational training, in development of the learning platform, VR/AR and AI and can support them in entering the market. They need a Project Coordinator, Education Enthusiast,  IT Engineer, Computer Scientist, System Engineer (Software Architecture), Learning & Development Specialist, Project Manager, UX/UI Developer. 
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Imagemates is looking Finance&Biz Co-Founder
Imagemates is a custom photography subscription service for small businesses with social media focus. A problem-solving mindset, honesty, community, sympathy and commitment are important values for this startup. The potential co-founder should take over a position as COO. 
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Just Nosh is looking for Marketing&PR/ Finance&Biz Co-Founder 
Just Nosh stands for healthy plant-based snacks whose origins can be found in India. The company's goal and mission: to conquer Europe with the Indian snack culture, which focuses on natural delicacies and complements a balanced diet. Just Nosh products are vegan, without artificial additives and without sugar. If you are interested in pushing the healthy snacking trend further, feel free to write to us. We look forward to hearing from you. 
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Kiez Dogs is looking for IT/ Marketing&PR/ Design/ Finance&Biz/ Engineering Co-Founder
Kiez Dogs is a start up, which wants to offer a platform to all people with love for dogs, to be able to network from the local area (Kiez). With the help of an interactive map, dogs in the vicinity are categorized (traffic light principle), so dog owners are well informed before their walk routes and can better adapt to situations. It is easier for dog owners to find a stress-free route with a not so compatible dog or a scared dog. On the other hand, owners of sociable dogs can arrange meetings with a built-in chat function. In addition, the platform should combine several functions that currently require individual apps, so that users do not have to switch back and forth between apps. The co-founder should have technical understanding.
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Papas Kräuter is looking for Marketing&PR/ Finance&Biz Co-Founder
Papas Kräuter GmbH is looking for a co-founder who will drive the growth of the young company as managing director. Papas Kräuter is a handmade herbal schnapps that has already been tested on the market with much positive feedback and is now to be spun off with the support of Papas Shorts managing directors Robert & Tom (parent company: ). Family values (honesty, fun, trust) and hunger for a new challenge are important to them. The potential co-founder should have german language skills at native level. 
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Pathly is looking for Finance& Biz Co-Founder
The app Pathly is designed to support cancer patients on their way through their disease and to help them managing their daily life. The potential co-founder should take over fundraising, finance and communications. 
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PensionPlan is looking for Finance&Biz/ Engineering Co-Founder
PensionPlan offers low-cost personal pension plans for all EU residents. Current pension funds are expensive, not digital, and not available across all European countries. PensionPlan offers a simple, modern and cost-effective product to save for retirement. Available regardless of whether you are employed, unemployed, self-employed or studying. They offer low costs, transparent fees, online enrollment and the possibility to continue saving in the same product when you change country of residence. Their product is particularly attractive to mobile and self-employed individuals who are not participating in state-based or occupational pension plans. Grit, focus and fun are important values for this startup. The potential co-founder should learn fast and should have the ambition to build a major fintech company. 
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Pawly is looking for Finance&Biz/ IT Co-Founder
The Team of Pawly digitizes and simplifies the process for dog owners to find, compare and book the right dog schools, trainers and other dog service providers. In turn, the dog service providers should automate and simplify their internal processes, such as inquiries, appointments, accounting, web presence and marketing through the platform, in order to have more time for dogs. Respectful interaction at eye level, trust, transparency and passion are particularly important to the founder. A diverse team is very important to her because she believes that diversity always leads to better results: personally and corporately. 
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Photospot is looking for Design/ IT/ Finance&Biz Co-Founder
Photospot is the first online market place for visual content creators, let's bring social media to the next level! These values are important for this startup: open communication, trust, transparency, flexibility, drive & commitment, fast implementation "walking the talk" as well as fun & enthusiasm. Founder experience is a big plus. 
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Shoppex is looking for Marketing&PR/ Finance&Biz Co-Founder
Shoppex deals with paperless printing of POS receipts. 
Ambition, transparency, honesty and accountability are important values for this startup. 
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Startup is looking for Marketing&PR/ Finance&Biz Co-Founder
This startup has the business idea to digitize the retail trade. They want to create a portal to search for locally available products and a logistics network for the fast shipping of products.
Sympathy, a shared vision and commitment as well as motivation are important.
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Startup is looking for Finance& Biz/ Engineering/ Design Co-Founder
The vision of this project is to build a community for retail investors to chat, discuss and find likeminded people. Next the startup want to utilize this shared wisdom of the user base to built the tools which ensure longterm successes as an investor. The potential co-founde should take over a position in design or engineering. 
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Startup is looking for Finance& Biz/ Marketing& PR Co-Founder
This startup developed a new digital smart home system with a high market chance. The potential co-founder should take over a position which isn't technical. As El. Engineer & PM the founder cover engineering, programming & PM. 
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Startup is looking for Finance&Biz/ Marketing&PR Co-Founder
This startup develops a smart storage box for sextoys. The potential co-founder will be mainly responsible for marketing, business administration and finance. 
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Startup is looking for a Finance&Biz/ IT/Marketing&PR/ Engineering Co-Founder
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Telemarie is looking for Finance&Biz/ IT/ Marketing&PR Co-Founder
Telemarie is a device that allows elderly people without digital literacy to participate in everyday digital life - in a simple way. Video telephony and sharing pictures and photos are its core features. They are looking for front-end developers, full stack developers and marketing professionals who would like to realize in an impact-driven startup. 
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The equal company is looking for Finance&Biz Co-Founder
This startup is the equal company, they created an innovative genderless razor for everyone. The potential co-founder should be the CFO. 
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The Red Team is looking for IT/ Marketing&PR/ Design/ Finance&Biz/ Engineering Co-Founder
The Red Team is developing a nutrition tracking app. 
The potential co-founder should also take over the business development. 
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TRUE technologies is looking for IT/ Design/ Finance&Biz/ Engineering Co-Founder
TRUE technologies is an innovative startup in the field of sports technology. They enable data-based performance tracking and analysis for sports with initial focus on action sports (surfing, skiing, mountain biking, …). Thy do this bis using state of the art state estimation approaches pioneered in autonomous mobility and aerospace. Commitment, motivation for the topic and dependability are important values for them. The potential co-founder should have relevant skills for their topic.
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Wellyou is looking for IT / Finance&Biz Co-Founder
Wellyou is a holistic program to increase peoples' happiness & well-being on all levels (physical, mental, social) with science-based methods in an interactive user-friendly iOS app*. Their mission is to help people become happier, healthier and more compassionate human beings. They are firstly looking for a CTO (iOS & Python backend) but would also be happy to meet with potential CFOs/CSOs (strategic officer). You would join their amazing team of warm-hearted and purpose-driven people who wish to make a positive impact on the lives of others. *Their iOS app is already developed and available on the App Store "wellyou - be happy!" and they plan to expand to web and Android.
They are looking for purpose-driven people who wish to make a positive social impact to better the lives of others.
Get in touch with Adam Schuster: or with Amelia Strzepek: is looking for Finance&Biz/ Marketing&PR Co-Founder develops and delivers HR training in Virtual Reality. They are looking for a CMO/ CFO. 
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