Startups looking for IT Co-Founders

Ask-Carl is looking for IT Co-Founder
Ask-Carl develops a global immigration, logistics and travel service, consultancy and information platform. They are looking for a CTO. 
Get in touch with Ian Greyvensteyn: 

bæsh is looking for IT Co-Founder
bæsh makes sure you don’t have to do anything alone, ever again. The potential co-founder should take over a position as tech lead. 
Get in touch with Ana Ptskialadze:

Buddies is looking for Marketing&PR/ Design/ IT Co-Founder
Buddies is a mix between meet up and tinder for meeting expats.
Get in touch with Angeliki Patrinou: 

Clubfinder is looking for IT/ Engineering Co-Founder
Clubfinder is an app which rates the Clubs near your area under specialized criteria. Loyality, emotional stability and fast decisions are important for this startup. Also the potential co-founder should have sympathy and have the same vision as the founder. 
Get in touch with Huirong Ni: is looking for IT/ Engineering Co-Founder deals with rooftop-pv as a service for commercial clients. Ownership, conscientiousness and transparency are important values for them.
Get in touch with David Hamel:

DeutschConnect is looking for IT/ Finance&Biz/ Design Co-Founder
DeutschConnect is a Consultancy that links SubSaharan African businesses and people with the German business ecosystem and vice versa through: Mentorship, B2B, matchmaking and access to market and partnerships.  We have a working prototype and active within our target  market.  Looking for a German co-founder with experience in the German business ecosystem and import/export. Passion, honesty , intergrity and loyalty are important for this startup. The potential co-founder should be someone who is looking for sustainable and equitable partnerships and collaborations between Africa-Germany and willing to learn new cultures. 
Get in touch with Kumbirai Chipazda:

EndX is looking for IT/ Engineering Co-Founder

The business idea of EndX is to develop a software in form of application on phones using emotional AI that can help detect instantly incidents of sexual assault (gender based violence) and alert based on the consent of the user, either the authorities, family, friends or strangers in the area who are willing to help. The detection of the incidents will be through capturing what goes wrong during the time of the incident such as: tone of voice, keywords, screams, unusual bodily activity and more! This will be based on accessing an open source data, interviews with victims, doctors/ experts & scholars in the field and even information from imprisoned rapists. The sustainability of this project is huge as it can be extend further to other incidents such as abduction, sex trafficking, heists and many other crimes.
Important values for EndX are transparency, passion for saving lives, loyalty and integrity. The co-founder should have the drive and passion to change the world to a better place.
Get in touch with Sadek Omar:

Fabnamix GmbH is looking for Marketing&PR/ IT Co-Founder
Fabnamix GmbH is a software company that simplifies supply chains and thus significantly relieves operational & strategic purchasing. Using their software solution thus increases efficiency and reduces supply partners to a minimum of 1. Their customers can map their regular supply partners via their software as well as procure everything via them from a single source. They call it "gateway purchasing". The potential co-founder should be an allround talent in software development or operations or QM/QA. He or she should share the following values: commitment, honesty, responsibility, team, performance, systematics. They wish for doers who think outside the box.
Get in touch with Melanie Macholdt:

Faircado is looking for IT Co-Founder
Faircado is looking for a CTO. Contact them if you want to save the earth with your programming and tech knowledge.
Get in touch with Ali Nezamolmaleki: 

Friends-App is looking for IT Co-Founder
"I want to create an App where building deep interpersonal relationships is paramount. Users are not supposed to feel lonely or misunderstood ever again. With this App, users are supposed to get the opportunity to find like-minded people with whom they can interchange about topics close to the heart. The aim is to find friends for life. And who knows, maybe one of the new-found friendships will lead to more…
My business idea is currently stuck in the pre-seed phase but is supposed to be established sooner rather than later. I am primarily searching for a Co-Founder who has the much-needed IT-skills to code the App. If you feel like experiencing the whole founding process from start to finish and simultaneously wanting to fight the loneliness throughout generation y and z, do not hesitate to contact me. This business idea is very close to my heart. Therefore, I am searching for someone who is purpose-driven and wants to make a positive social impact to better the live of others. Profit Maximation should not be the main motivation. Considering I am a student myself (major: Business Administration), I am most definitely open to having a student as a Co-Founder. Having finance and/or marketing knowledge would be beneficial but is not a requirement."
Get in touch with Antonia Halama: (German and English requests are highly appreciated)

GigaAI is looking for IT/ Marketing&PR/ Design/ Finance&Biz/ Engineering Co-Founder
Learning as attractive as Netflix! Germany is a nation of geniuses. GigaAi develops a learning platform - the vocational training of the Industry 4.0. They are looking for co-founders and team members who are interested in the topic of vocational training, in development of the learning platform, VR/AR and AI and can support them in entering the market. They need a Project Coordinator, Education Enthusiast,  IT Engineer, Computer Scientist, System Engineer (Software Architecture), Learning & Development Specialist, Project Manager, UX/UI Developer. 
Get in touch with Christiane Isenberg: or 

GovRadar is looking for IT/ Marketing&PR/ Other Co-Founder
GovRadar removes hurdles of complex regulatory frameworks and long expensive lead times, bringing relevant solutions to the government’s radar, including those of non-legacy suppliers. By providing authorities the tools to screen the market and to test solutions anonymously, GovRadar ensures compliant and efficient procurement process, giving all relevant tech firms a chance to participate. The potential co-founder should also take over the position as head of product.
Get in touch with Sascha Soyk:

Hidden Smiles is looking for IT Co-Founder
Hidden Smiles helps companies to engage and retain their high performers.
Get in touch with Dariush Franczak:

hunGer ist looking for Engineering/ IT Co-Founder
hunGer is a digital food certification system based on blockchain technology. 
Get in touch with Mehul Khoont:

Honow is looking for IT Co-Founder
Honow is an app that focuses on how we can bring your ideas to life. It is a crowd-investing platform, that allows a start up to meet potential co-founders , investors or fans who love their product. Honow uses blockchain technology that backes shares of the start-up with security tokens. The following skills are essential as a co-founder: burning passion, team-player, entrepreneuerial mindset and hard-working. Co-founders should have experience in React.js, Solidity and Frontend-development.
Get in touch:

Kiez Dogs is looking for IT/ Marketing&PR/ Design/ Finance&Biz/ Engineering Co-Founder
Kiez Dogs is a start up, which wants to offer a platform to all people with love for dogs, to be able to network from the local area (Kiez). With the help of an interactive map, dogs in the vicinity are categorized (traffic light principle), so dog owners are well informed before their walk routes and can better adapt to situations. It is easier for dog owners to find a stress-free route with a not so compatible dog or a scared dog. On the other hand, owners of sociable dogs can arrange meetings with a built-in chat function. In addition, the platform should combine several functions that currently require individual apps, so that users do not have to switch back and forth between apps. The co-founder should have technical understanding.
Get in touch with Verena Martensen/ Markus Gerlach: 

Lift it is looking for Marketing&PR/ IT Co-Founder 
Lift is an app 2 sided market place - services, plant machinery and equipment. Knowledge and involvement are important for this startup. It is an advantage if the potential co-founder has experience but it is not essential. 
Get in touch with Pawel:

nKoto is looking for IT/ Engineering Co-Founder
nKoto is a community for go-getters/ remote workers to help them connect, share ideas and expand their circle. I am looking to add a travel option. The potential co-founder should have the following values: goal to support others and seeing people connect, work hard but also take time to enjoy life. He or she should  has in depth knowledge in tech to create a platform and to get things done. 
Get in touch with Tabita Tangherlini:

Pawly is looking for Finance&Biz/ IT Co-Founder
The Team of Pawly digitizes and simplifies the process for dog owners to find, compare and book the right dog schools, trainers and other dog service providers. In turn, the dog service providers should automate and simplify their internal processes, such as inquiries, appointments, accounting, web presence and marketing through the platform, in order to have more time for dogs. Respectful interaction at eye level, trust, transparency and passion are particularly important to the founder. A diverse team is very important to her because she believes that diversity always leads to better results: personally and corporately. 
Get in touch with Anne Marschner:

Photospot is looking for Design/ IT/ Finance&Biz Co-Founder
Photospot is the first online market place for visual content creators, let's bring social media to the next level! These values are important for this startup: open communication, trust, transparency, flexibility, drive & commitment, fast implementation "walking the talk" as well as fun & enthusiasm. Founder experience is a big plus. 
Get in touch with Julia Lochschmidt:

Powerly AI is looking for IT/ Engineering Co-Founder
Powerly AI is an AI chatbot that uses NLP and speech recognition to deploy AI across talent life cycle such as hiring, engagement, retention and learning. The potential co-founder should have trust, belief and passion. Also he or she should be flexible and open, technicaly savvy, friendly, passionate about speech recognition and AI and ML. 
Get in touch with Sidhartha Mohanty: 

Qips - Creative Platform is looking for IT/ Design Co-Founder
Qips is a platform that makes it easy to offer and book creative workshops. Creativity becomes accessible for everyone. Whether woodworking, painting, welding, knitting or cooking soul food. There are no limits to creativity. Bringing people together is the main goal. 
Get in touch with Jil Schlüter: or with Sarah Holzhauer:

requestee is looking for IT Co-Founder
requestee is a security monitoring platform that helps companies get secure and certified in weeks and not months. The potential co-founder should be the CTO/ Cybersecurity Consultant. 
Get in touch with Fabiola Munguia: 

RiDERgy is looking for IT Cofounder
Imagine a world with 100 % EVs and renewable electricity. Given the intermittency of renewables, and the resulting fluctuation in prices, EVs charge when production is high and prices are low. When renewables are not producing EVs provide the cheapest storage and energy needed to keep the system stable. Thus, EV and renewable electricity assets’ total cost of ownership is improved significantly. These synergies accelerate the adoption of EVs and renewable electricity. EVs become a central pillar of the electricity system and help to build a circular economy preventing the unnecessary installation of many more stationary batteries. As EVs are primarily used for mobility and when driving can’t be used for the electricity system, to determine their availability, data-driven solutions need to be developed. RiDERgy will be a major player, bringing this vision to reality as an EV aggregator.
Get in touch with Claudio Geyken:

Shophopper is looking for IT Co-Founder
Shophopper is a platform for local and stationary trade. 
The potential co-founder should have an entrepreneurial spirit, should be work solution-oriented and independent.
Get in touch with Daniel Onate:

Soulmate is looking for IT/ Engineering/ Other Co-Founder
Soulmate is a technology enhanced mental health care for your workforce. The potential co-founder should take over a position as head of psychology. Loyalty, honesty, fun at work and passion are important values for this startup. 
Get in touch with Jann Speyer:

Startup is looking for IT Co-Founder
This startup deals with helping users to get a bigger picture about their cash-flow without harassing them with line-by-line budgeting, counting each potato and a meal outside. Their intuitive workflows will enable users to be consistent and disciplined and they will assist them on their way to be as independent and free as possible. 
Get in touch with Igor Ranc: 

Startup is looking for IT/ Marketing&PR Co-Founder
This startup has the idea to develop hardware platforms for machine learning researchers and enthusiasts. The potential co-founde should take over a position in business development and software development.
Get in touch with Kelvin Tan:

Startup is looking for IT/ Design Co-Founder

This startup enables people to remember what they read, listened and watched and increase efficiency of content consumption. They enable the world to connect with knowledge, perspective and ideas that matter: on the point, fast, direct. The potential co-founder should take over a position in product development. 
Get in touch with Justus Buchen: 

Startup is looking for IT Co-Founder
This startup develops a digital process guidance for factory workers. The potential co-founder should be the CTO. 
Get in touch with Max Steinhoff: 

Startup is looking for IT Co-Founder
This startup is looking for a co-founder who wants to go through the cycle of testing several prototypes for several ideas. There are concrete three ideas that the startup has been working on and will need support in App/Web design. Two ideas are B2C and one is B2B. The ideas are in 1-Giving employment opportunity to everybody with a smart phone 2- Matching between businesses in the green economy 3- Helping new comers to Germany with poor German skills who are stuck with some contracts with companies and lawyers who help them solve the bottlenecks. 
Get in touch with Arabi Abdelhaq: 

Startup is looking for a Finance&Biz/ IT/Marketing&PR/ Engineering Co-Founder
Get in touch with Nandeesh Basavaraju: 

Telemarie is looking for Finance&Biz/ IT/ Marketing&PR Co-Founder
Telemarie is a device that allows elderly people without digital literacy to participate in everyday digital life - in a simple way. Video telephony and sharing pictures and photos are its core features. They are looking for front-end developers, full stack developers and marketing professionals who would like to realize in an impact-driven startup. 
Get in touch with Dominik Steinmeier:

The Red Team is looking for IT/ Marketing&PR/ Design/ Finance&Biz/ Engineering Co-Founder
The Red Team is developing a nutrition tracking app. 
The potential co-founder should also take over the business Development. 
Get in touch with Sarah Böttger:

The Future Living is looking for IT Co-Founder
Businesses have the power and responsibility to pave the way to a more sustainable future for our world. The vision of The Future Living is to help companies build a CO2-neutral and sustainable circular economy. That is why they are developing an end-to-end software solution that enables companies to reduce waste, save resources and embed sustainable thinking and action in their corporate culture for the long term.
Get in touch with Anke Bytomski-Guerrier:

Teamwise is looking for IT/ Engineering Co-Founder
Teamwise is building a virtual team assistant that leverages ML to suggest the right activities to create great cultures in distributed teams. 
They are looking for a mission driven and results-oriented technical founder to join their startup. You should have hands on experience in a CTO-like or lead developer position in a fast paced startup and you should be a team player. 
After all, their mission is to create team cultures.
Get in touch with Sebastian Gluschak:

TRUE technologies is looking for IT/ Design/ Finance&Biz/ Engineering Co-Founder
TRUE technologies is an innovative startup in the field of sports technology. They enable data-based performance tracking and analysis for sports with initial focus on action sports (surfing, skiing, mountain biking, …). Thy do this bis using state of the art state estimation approaches pioneered in autonomous mobility and aerospace. Commitment, motivation for the topic and dependability are important values for them. The potential co-founder should have relevant skills for their topic.
Get in touch with Ingo Boegemann:

Urban Monkeys is looking for IT Co-Founder
Urban Monkeys deals with hop-on-hop-off city tours based on public transport.
Get in touch with Irene Ternes:

Urstil is looking for IT/ Marketing&PR Co-Founder
Urstil is a brand for sustainable fashion & household articles. Next project - realization of development of barefoot shoes and also vegan collection. The potential co-founder should be an enthusiast with "I can"- Attitude.  Never being afraid of trying something new and expand the horizon of own knowledge. Having some starting capital. Participation without capital would be possible, however it will be no 50-50% business split, since the founder spent several years and money working on that business. 
Get in touch with Elina Weinberg:

Ü Impact is looking for IT Co-Founder
Ü Impact is a fintech startup providing sustainable investment solutions to banks/fund providers, so they can better serve their retail investors. They are just kicking off a paid pilot with a German fund provider. They are currently fundraising for their scaling up. 
Get in touch with Lesley Li:

Well is looking for IT/ Engineering/ sustainable advocate Co-Founder
The team at Well is committed to stopping microplastic pollution worldwide. They are currently building a platform that helps more businesses turn sustainability into competitive advantage. They are looking for a motivated sustainable advocate to help them with the development of the platform. The co-founder should have the drive and passion to change the world to a better place and be willing to learn new skills.
Get in touch with Kostja Klabjan:

Wellyou is looking for IT / Finance&Biz Co-Founder
Wellyou is a holistic program to increase peoples' happiness & well-being on all levels (physical, mental, social) with science-based methods in an interactive user-friendly iOS app*. Their mission is to help people become happier, healthier and more compassionate human beings. They are firstly looking for a CTO (iOS & Python backend) but would also be happy to meet with potential CFOs/CSOs (strategic officer). You would join their amazing team of warm-hearted and purpose-driven people who wish to make a positive impact on the lives of others. *Their iOS app is already developed and available on the App Store "wellyou - be happy!" and they plan to expand to web and Android.
They are looking for purpose-driven people who wish to make a positive social impact to better the lives of others.
Get in touch with Adam Schuster: or with Amelia Strzepek:


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