swift: smart, easy and safe lock for your door

Greetings and come on in! We are offering the first keyless, hands-free and accessible smart door lock for your room, your home, your office, that really does save you time and effort. Current smart door locks are unsightly and annoying to use. Nobody in this day and age should have to fumble for a card, remember a code or even break their stride! The planned new product, which consists of hardware and software, combines passive, non-contact smart locking and instant recognition technology in the context of building architecture for the first time. It will automatically recognise users and make their door ready to open, with no stopping, no fuss. We want to create a brand, produce the product, market it and distribute it to architects. Team: industrial designers with experience in product, IoT product and interior design, as well as knowledge of market research and the building sector. So far, we have researched the market through interviews with industry players, simulated the product visually and built a working prototype. Now we want to refine the product concept through user tests to make it perfectly user-friendly and market-ready.

Wenn du mit dem swift Team Kontakt aufnehmen möchtest, schreibe bitte eine E-Mail an idia@htw-berlin.de

Team: Adrian Peach