Coworking Space

Coworking and Collaboration for HTW Students

On one hand, it is essential for students and teams to have places where they can work together. On the other hand, places to collaborate and gather are also crucial because they give way for random encounters. These opportunities can unlock great potential and lead to ideas that would not have emerged without conversation and sharing.

You'll find the coworking space in the middle of the Wilheminenhof campus, in Building C right in the first-floor foyer. In fact, you almost can't miss it on your way to the library or the cafeteria. The focal point here is a large, shared workspace. Here you will find space to meet others, like-minded people and discuss solutions to problems. For example, you can present your ideas to other HTW students from the workspace and find people who are interested in working with you on your innovative idea. The coworking space is therefore very important to IDiA and HTW Berlin. When IDiA events are not being held, the Coworking Space is freely available to all HTW students. The renovation work begins shortly, so that it can be used as soon as possible. The IDiA team will keep you informed on the progress and the opening.

Coworking and Exchange for IDiA_Kickstart Teams.

In addition to the open spaces and working areas for all HTW students, separate rooms in the foyer are available for IDiA_Kickstart teams to use as private workspaces. One more reason to look into the IDiA_Kickstart funding program. Calls for applications are made several times a year.