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Table of contents

General FAQ


What is the IDiA_Kickstart program? 

IDiA_Kickstart is an aid and funding program for teams that want to test their ideas and bring them to life. Every 3 months, we will open a new registration phase.
How do I become a part of IDiA?If you visited our events every now and then or worked in our co-working space, then you already a part of IDiA! It will be  once join the Kickstart program.
What kind of events does IDiA offer?

IDiA organizes inspiring and exciting events on a regular basis. Take a look at our events page and check back regularly to make sure you don't miss an event! It's worth it!

How do I learn about new events and workshops?Further information about our current events can be found on our website under IDiA Events
Could I become a part of IDiA without a startup idea?

Yes! You can be a part of IDiA by joining a team whose idea interests you, by coming to our networking events, or by bringing along a friend to establish your own team!

Where can I find IDiA? In which campus is IDiA located?

Currently you can find IDiA at Campus Wilhelminenhof in Room H006. From summer 2022 onwards, the Co-working Space and Building Space will be available for open-entry in Building C.

We also plan to bring the Spaces to Campus Treskowallee.

Who are the IDiA representatives?

You can find our representatives on the right side of our website.

I would like to start a company/organization. Could you help me with that?Our program focuses primarily on testing your ideas. If your idea is already tested and you would like to further found a company, you can join the InnoTech TechTrack program.

Are you interdisciplinary?/Does it matter which field of study I am in?

IDiA works across all disciplines and is therefore accessible to all HTW students!

Do you offer consultation appointments?

Unfortunately, we do not offer consultations. But if you have questions about IDiA, you can contact us by email or come to one of our Coffee Break & Open Space sessions.

I’m not sure if IDiA_Kickstart is right for me.

If you are not sure if IDiA_Kickstart is right for you, you can email us a question or attend one of our events to learn more about IDiA.

Kickstart FAQ


"We have already founded a start-up. Can we still be funded?" 

Unfortunately, no. Our funding is aimed exclusively at teams and individuals with ideas in the pre-founding phase.
"We are already funded by EXIST/BSS. Can we still claim IDiA_Kickstart funding in addition?"Unfirtunately no.
"We are not students of HTW Berlin. Can we still apply?"It depends. The applicants must be in a so-called legal relationship with HTW Berlin in order to be eligible for this funding. Consequently, all university members can participate in the funding program for their idea - not just students. Please ask us for further informations.
"What is particularly important when evaluating the idea?"Innovative thinking is at the forefront of the Kickstart program. The degree of innovation should be particularly high, which does not fundamentally exclude further development of existing concepts and ideas. If you are not sure, get in touch with us via email.
"Can we build a prototype?"Yes, you can! 
"How much funding do i got from the IDiA_Kickstart program?"The funding amounts to 7,500.00 euros per idea or team over a period of six months.
"Can we take the funding of the IDiA_Kickstart program to cover the living expenses of the team members?"No, the funds may not be used for personal expenses.




FAQ about Spaces


How can I use the different IDiA spaces?

Our Co-Working Space can be used by anyone to meet new people and discuss ideas. The Building Space and the Idea Space are reserved for IDiA_Kickstart teams.

What machines can I use in the Building Space?

Hand tools and non-dangerous machines can be used by HTW members after a short instruction. Some machines can only be used after an additional training or after completing a course.

Can I borrow tools?

Borrowing tools is generally not possible.  

FAQ about Teams

Could I find potential team members for my idea at IDiA?


Yes! With our networking events, we also support people that don‘t have team members yet.

I would really like to found a company, but I don‘t have an idea. Could I help collaborate with another idea?

Yes! You can collaborate and help other teams, if their idea interests you.

I have friends at another university, could they also join IDiA?

IDiA targets first and foremost the students and staff of HTW. However, if you are a HTW student or staff with team members outside HTW, you can still participate in the IDiA program.