Cerberus: Maritime algae cultivation - ecological, productive, climate-positive.

Cerberus is a maritime algae cultivation concept for coastal areas, where buoys with adjustable growing spokes form the core of algae cultivation.

The demand for algae as the material of the future is increasing worldwide, but cannot be met with conventional production. We, a 3-member team with design and engineering background, have designed a sustainable system that allows algae cultivation on levels instead of using only the water surface. Compared to common methods, it avoids waste from disposable nets and lines, gains 90% more surface area, and enables maintenance of the buoys. Winning the German Sustainability Award 2022 confirms us to develop this great potential solution and to make it available to algae producers as a license model.

For the next steps, we need to answer the following scientific and technical question: Which substrate material is best suited for implementation in terms of corrosion and adhesion of algae cultivation?

If you would like to contact the Cerberus team, please send an email to idia@htw-berlin.de.

Team: Ony Yan, Bernhard Büttner, Arthur Worbes