OPIDS: Advancing photonics interconnects for the next generation of fast and secure communication

Hi, we are the OPIDS team and we want to make wireless near field communication safer and faster: You probably know RFID transponders from your everyday life - they are in student and company ID cards, train tickets, bank and insurance cards. But the more sensitive data we entrust to the technology, the greater the risk of data theft and the higher the technical requirements. 

By switching to optical communication, we want to unleash the potential of short-range transponders and develop a more secure platform for a wide range of applications. Contactless check in within half a second at the next concert? Quickly check the contents of a container in logistics? Or transporting your measurement data in the research lab with the same chip card you just used to open the door or activate the printer? It's all possible with OPtical IDentification and Storage. Contact us to learn more or to get involved!!

If you would like to contact the OPIDS team, please send an email to idia@htw-berlin.de.

Team: Andrii Segeniuk, Simon Schütze